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New Leadership Delivering Results for Washington's 1st District

Derek Chartrand is a proud third generation Washingtonian!


As a child of a middle class family, I attended Ben Rush Elementary and Rose Hill Junior High before graduating from Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, WA. As a young child of 10 years old, my entrepreneurial spirits were unknowingly converging with environmentalism as I established a used newspaper “Pick Up” recycling service for the surrounding neighborhood with my “Little Red Wagon.” Paying my mom a fee to help transport the newsprint to the recycle center helped me earn my first “cool” Schwinn bicycle.

Meeting my wife Rose and her daughter over 23 years ago on a blind date, we have had a blended family for over 18 years since our marriage. Together we have two creative and athletic boys and a beautiful, intelligent and accomplished daughter. All our children have had the opportunity to be proud second generation students at the same public K-12 schools I attended, having learned from some of the same teachers that invested in me.

The great recession humbled our family like many of yours forcing tough decisions, hardships and to re-aim or efforts reminding me we all are Americans with Hope! Loosing my Father in 2018 to complications of a stroke was difficult and bittersweet.


Working today in the environmental industry has provided me great satisfaction—reducing greenhouse gasses while providing industry with a return on their investment. This creates a Win-Win for our community and Country! I consider myself to be a “Compassionate Capitalist” and have high Hope for our future.

People and their diverse life experiences make this District the Greatest place to live and is a beacon of light for the next generations to call Washington home.

I look forward to learning from you on the campaign trail as I hear your stories and we find common ground. We are Washingtonians, We are Americans!

Derek Chartrand


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