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"When you want your voice heard, it is nice to know your representative is one of us. I grew up here—so did my kids. And I'll work hard to make our district to be the best place possible for you and your family." 

Americans have always looked forward, learning from the past to create our future.  And, education is the key to success.  There is no unimportant job, period.  Everyone has their own perspective on their future.  To many, college provided a springboard to their present. But college (and the crippling debt that now comes with it) is not for everybody. 

This isn't about the institution but about the individual—your children, and “What’s Next” for them as they “Chart” their own course. Education must be accessible, affordable and purposeful.

My entire education has been public school Washington State, from Kindergarten to College.  Like most families in the first district, Private or Boarding school was not an option in mine either — and we were raised that if there's a problem with something, Fix It.  My three children have, or are, following the same public-school pathway the majority of us here will take.


As a parent, I know what our schools (and our school kids) are like right now, and Rose and I have had to navigate school during COVID alongside so many District 1 families. 

We need to fix our broken education system; High schools locally do not provide sufficient nonacademic education.  High school Seniors have three choices: College which remains expensive, Workforce or Military.

When elected to Congress, I will work to:

Lower the cost of Higher education.

Expand access to vocational training.

Address educational inequity.

Reform education distribution thru online learning.

Nourish not abandon underperforming institutions.


Whether you believe in the “Big Bang theory” or the “Concept of Creation” as I do, global temperatures have risen over the last 50 years as has the worldwide population.  Correlation or coincidence?  Either way “Common Sense” as the theme of my campaign tells me our actions have reactions.  Reducing our carbon footprint matters to me. 


As a Compassionate Capitalist, I recognize that we need to use our American ingenuity to create technology and implement innovations that rewards environmental stewardship.  John F. Kennedy created legislation that allowed our company to develop the emission reduction technology we proudly sell today.


When elected to Congress; I will:

Champion policies that will create new, sustainable, clean energy jobs and grow our economy.

Listen and look for solutions encouraging people doing their part.

Encourage proper use of waterways to reduce flooding devastation.

Advocate for “Common Sense” legislation encouraging continuous improvement as opposed to friction and inaction.

Nourish areas of inefficiency to improve quality of life for all.

Term Limits

Congress is the “People’s House” and members should not expect to have a permanent job. Fresh ideas are needed or power will corrupt!

When elected I will make term-limit reform one of my highest priorities.


If the President of the United State has a mandatory term-limit of 8 years, why can members of Congress serve indefinitely?


Career politicians don't service the will of the people, they serve themselves. It's time we institute meaningful, bipartisan term limit reform and put the emphasis on Capitol Hill back where it belongs—on serving the will of the people.  


When elected to Congress, I will:

Learn from you what is critical.

Initiate conversation to find common ground with fellow members on both sides of the aisle.

Mobilize ideas + efforts that deliver value to you and the country.

Improve the efficiency of Congress.

Thaw the growing partisan divide and create the environment for common sense and civility to WIN.

Set an example for others to follow, leading the way on comprehensive, meaningful term limit reform legislation. 


I am extremely proud to be an American!  With that pride comes an immense appreciation to all the veterans that have served, fought and died for our country.  My family has a deep history of military service.  From the Korean conflict to the Gulf war, honor and perseverance have resided within my family.  Close friends and their family have continued to protect America serving through present day. 


I will work for and honor every man and woman that has worn the American uniform. 


Let me take this moment to say, “I salute you”!

As a member of Congress, I will work to:

Expand local access to timely and quality healthcare services.

Advocate at the top level to Gold and Blue Star family members concerns.

Grow employment opportunities for returning Veterans.

Listen to military family involving hardships and respond expeditiously to their requests.

Ensure Veterans receive the disability pay they deserve.

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